Incredible Voter Turnout at the University of Houston

The voter turnout at the University of Houston was remarkable for the 2020 presidential election. I head to campus to see how the turnout was on election day November 3rd, hopping on Instagram live for my followers to see how the process went for those working onsite!

Despite the majority of voting polls holding lines of 30 minutes or longer in most scenarios, UH experienced a drastically slower pace Tuesday. The staff onsite found the lines to only last five minutes or shorter throughout the day. This is in contrast to lines estimated between 20 and 30 minutes during early voting.

UH hosted early voting sessions from October 13th through October 30th. While early voting was held in the student center, a decision to switch over to TDECU Stadium came due to concerns of proper social distancing.

“The TDECU Stadium Club was determined to be viable option given that voters could line up outdoors in the concourse of the stadium, but still be under cover in case of rain, heat or other weather issues,” explained Jason Smith, UH Vice President of Governmental Relations.

My Instagram live engagements were broken into two parts. First, I approached TDECU Stadium to chat with some of the staff. I was helped by two gentlemen who previously assisted a friend of mine in his first experience ever voting. They were incredibly helpful in guiding us through the election day process, as well as early voting.

Above is a screenshot taken from the first part of my Instagram live story behind TDECU Stadium.

Next, I head to the student center on the opposite end of campus. When I arrived to UH earlier Tuesday, a few gentlemen guiding incoming voters on where to go helped my friend and I out tremendously. I head back to see how their experiences were from the student center away from the voting polls.

We discussed the voter increase not only in Texas, but the United States in comparison to the 2016 election. We also touched on the adrenaline involved when living in a swing state such as Texas or Florida, and how exciting each election can be in just one state.

Above is a screenshot taken from the second part of my Instagram live story from the student center.

Overall this live broadcast was an amazing opportunity. I had great conversations in person as well as positive engagement from my Instagram audience. It was the first time I had felt this engaged during elections, and I had the chance to speak with so many incredible people that worked hands-on throughout the entirety of the election process. Everyone in participation was extremely helpful and very eager to see how much this impeccable voter turnout could alter the election’s results.

Below is a link to my Instagram live stories. Thanks for tuning in!

Part 1:

Part 2:

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