TikTok has made a surge in media within the last few years. This mobile app allows for users to create custom videos, ranging anywhere from a 15–60 second range. Beyond the average user, many businesses, icons, journalists, and political figures have also joined the app. TikTok’s fame has grown in large part to its ability to spread informative information through eventful, engaging avenues. I took to the app recently to create a video expressing the racial tensions caused by current President Donald Trump. Check it out below!


The video starts out with a clip from three months ago where…

Artificial intelligence has accelerated deep fake’s damage across all media platforms, growing the number of fake audio clips, videos, and images spread throughout the internet. Verification is extremely essential to ensure accurate, reliable images or videos of news -related content to protect the rights of our citizens.

People tend to reshape reality the way they’d rather perceive it. This could be for personal benefit, business gain or even political preferences.

In this example, I’ve examined a video uploaded on YouTube by BVI Channel 1. It features reporter Gary Franchi addressing breaking news on the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Despite the…

The voter turnout at the University of Houston was remarkable for the 2020 presidential election. I head to campus to see how the turnout was on election day November 3rd, hopping on Instagram live for my followers to see how the process went for those working onsite!

Despite the majority of voting polls holding lines of 30 minutes or longer in most scenarios, UH experienced a drastically slower pace Tuesday. The staff onsite found the lines to only last five minutes or shorter throughout the day. …

Social media is unintentionally infested with fake news. Verifying original sources and detecting false ones on the internet is an accomplished skill. This week’s class readings emphasized the importance of verification and how tediously necessary these practices should be.

“Fake news” are stories containing falsities. The facts, sources, information, or quotes are unverifiable. A few methods of spreading fake news in a story could include posts about a hoax or misinformation regarding an individual or company.

In today’s networked world, people also intentionally spread fake information and rumors as a joke, to drive “likes” and followers, or simply to cause…

The immigration policies of President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden couldn’t appear more differently from one another as America awaits the future of immigration in the United States.

Biden aims to remove immigration restrictions set by the Trump administration and provide a “roadmap to citizenship” for illegal immigrants living in the US. On the other hand, President Trump looks to continue his construction of the border wall separating the US from Mexico, while bringing additional restrictions to illegal immigration.

Trump has received a multitude of criticism following his “no tolerance” policy that passed in 2018. This led…

Tweets and interactions from before and after the 2020 Vice Presidential Debate between VP Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris. #Elections2020 #Debates2020 #2020ElectionTweets

I feel that the ideal relationship between a journalist and their audience members boils down to trust. If their audience doesn’t have faith in the words the journalist publishes, they’ll be easy to discredit the author. Journalist need to prove how reliable they can be with the content they decide to release.

I also believe that positive interactions between a journalist and their followers is crucial. The ability to come across to someone with a light-hearted, trustful approach assures the reader that this is not just a reliable journalist but an engaging one at that.

An example of how this…

Ryan Hampton

Hello! My name is Ryan Hampton. I’m currently a journalism major at the University of Houston. I have huge aspirations for teaching in the future.

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